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Debt Consolidation

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Avoid Blacklisting
Consolidate Payments
Renegotiate Loan Terms
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Key Benefits

Boost your Credit Rating and secure better finance in the future!

Avoid Blacklisting

Ensure all your debts are cleared up so that you can move forward with your life.

Consolidate Payments

Pay all of your monthly debt with a single payment, saving you both money and time.

Save Money

Make sure you have more money to spend each month with new payment terms for your loans!

Renegotiate Loan Terms

Your financial situation can change, so why shouldn’t your loan terms? We can help you reduce your monthly loan repayments.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation helps put you back in control of your finances.

Debt consolidation affords you the means to tackle your debt reasonably, by taking into account your budget and affordability. Saving you up to 60% on your monthly repayments, leaving more money in your pocket at the end of each month.

Benefits of debt consolidation:

  • Reduce your interest rates by up to 60%
  • Improve your credit score
  • Reduce the time it takes to pay off your debt
  • Protect your assets from being repossessed
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Is Debt Consolidation right for me?

Debt Consolidation is not always the ideal option for everyone. While it is helpful, you might not meet the requirements to qualify for one.

Financial lenders will look at some of these typical indicators when evaluating you for a consolidation loan:

I have a good Credit Score and History

To be deemed as ‘creditworthy’ your credit score needs to fall between a range of scores fixed by the lender.

I have debt of R35,000 or more

You need to be in debt from R35,000 or more to qualify for a consolidation loan.

I have a minimum income of R6,000 per month

Our consultants will evaluate your income and expenses to determine your overall financial stability. To qualify, you need a monthly income of R6,000 or more.

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Simple Loan debt consolidation helps put you back in control of your finances.

Don’t qualify? Try our Debt Management Service

If you don’t qualify for a consolidation loan, our debt management service provides you with a simple and effective solution for tackling your debt.

Lower Interest Rates
Save up to 60% on Loan Repayments

By negotiating with your creditors, we’ll help you lower your interest rates so that you can free up your debt, and have money for you and your family at the end of each month.

Repair Your Credit Score

When the debt starts mounting up, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost all control. There is no debt problem too big, that can’t be solved.
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Get Professional Advice

Our debt specialists will provide you with fast and effective solutions to help solve your everyday financial problems, so that you can become financially free.

Get back in control

When the debt starts mounting up it’s easy to feel like you’re not in control of your finances.

Explore your debt options

There is no debt problem too big that can’t be solved, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Representative Example

Loan Repayments are full of variables, and things such as ‘rates’ and ‘once-off initiation fees’. These vary depending on your individual credit profile. The terms of the repayment period can range anywhere from three months to a maximum of 6 years, with varying interest rates from creditor to creditor, up to a maximum of 28% per annum (compounded monthly).

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